LogMeIn host software for Linux (Beta)


The LogMeIn Host Software (Beta) is available for Linux.

Each Linux host is displayed like any other host in your Computers list. When you connect to a Linux host, a remote terminal shell opens allowing you to send commands to the host computer.


A valid LogMeIn Central or Pro subscription

Installing the logmein-host for Linux

Task One: Generate an Installation Package and retrieve the Deployment Code

  1. In LogMeIn Central, go to the Deployment page.
  2. Click Add Installation Package. The Installation Package page is displayed.
  3. Fill in the necessary fields and select the appropriate options for the remote installation.
  4. Click Save Settings. The Deploy Installation Package page is displayed.
  5. Copy the Installation Link.
    Example: https://secure.logmein.com/i?l=en&c=01_bma2ecmmg4coyxou9oo6yhhvw0ewi3estniee

Task Two: Install the logmein-host

There are two methods to install the logmein-host.

Method One: Install the logmein-host using snap

You must have snapd installed. To download snapd, visit https://docs.snapcraft.io/core/install.

On your Linux device, open a Terminal
  1. Use the following command:
  2. sudo snap install logmein-host
  3. Assign it to your account by using the previously generated installation link and the following command:
    sudo snap set logmein-host 'deploy-code=<install link>'
Method Two: Install the logmein-host from the LogMeIn site
On your Linux device, open a Terminal
  1. Use the following command:
  2. curl -sL https://repository.services.logmein.com/linux/setup_sh | sudo -E bash -
  3. When prompted, provide the Installation Link generated previously.


If you found a bug or have a good idea for improving logmein-host check out our GitHub repository and create a new ticket or fork.

More Information

Email any feedback to LogMeIn Linux Host.

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